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BDS ultrasound is gorgeous, from China to China!

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 The road to success is not crowded because there are not many people who insist on it. After 18 years of wind and rain, enthusiasm has never diminished, looking to the future, industrial technology manufacturing will evolve into a data-driven era of intelligent manufacturing. Mo Yan once said: The longer the known radius, the larger the unknown circle. The more unpredictable the Bidaxin ultrasound, the more we continue to learn and continue to surpass the growing opportunities.
 With the development of industrial 4.0 automation technology, the company has signed a secret cooperation with Hong Kong Chuangfa Ultrasonic, Germany PUBRO company, relying on their more than 30 years of superb technology, further adhere to technological innovation, establish absolute competitiveness, to the full line of products Covering the industry and providing customers with first-class technical solutions and services. Nowadays, Demai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bidaxin Ultrasound. It integrates intelligent equipment R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service to realize the upgrade and transformation of Chinese manufacturing to China.
   A person can run very fast, but a group of people can run very far. Since the development of BDS ultrasound, the scale has been continuously expanded and the business capability has been continuously improved. This achievement has carried the wisdom and sweat of each of our BDS people, and also records the growth of all of us. How wide is the heart, how big the stage is, BDS is our stage, and Huang is our commander. We are a member of the BDS choir. With gratitude and hard work, we shine in our small post. fever.
    How far is thought, how far we can go. On the road ahead, we will continue to work hard and be fully prepared to meet the upcoming new challenges. Although sometimes we will have differences of opinion, we are all moving forward for a common goal: to see BDS ultrasound in places where there is industry! Just like an ant moving, the power of an ant is small, but the power of thousands of ants is endless, and we will continue to fight in the ultrasound industry like ants. BDS looks forward to meeting you
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