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What is hidden behind the low price of ultrasound?

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 In the fierce competition in the ultrasonic industry market, the price competition is quite fierce. The same customer asked after the price hike: how the price of ultrasound will be so different, the import is actually cheaper than the domestic one, really have Is this a good thing? In a society where money is tempted, honesty is getting farther and farther away from us. Here are some low-cost sales strategies that exist in the industry for ultrasound:
 The dispute between import and domestic: The components of ultrasonic are almost all bought in China. Why do you need to import it? Of course, some imported components are necessary, such as integrated modules, because the grade of national products is not a grade with foreign countries, but many manufacturers technical information says: Japan NTK transducer, Taiwan's original vibrator, Japan Sanling Motor, Yadak cylinder, Japan Omron relay, how is it possible, there are many transducer manufacturers in China, the price is lower than the import, how do people who like low prices choose to import? In fact, they all use domestic brands, and they are very low-end, no brand. One of the reasons for the deception price: the use of imports when reporting the plan, but the domestic production used in the actual production. 
 This is some of the shortcomings of the ultrasonic industry recently, and it is getting more and more serious. We ask consumers not to believe in low prices. Imports are 5 times more expensive than domestic ones. In fact, ultrasonic equipment is just like ordinary consumer goods. Are you reliable with low-priced items? Is there something hidden? Commodity prices always revolve around value. If the price deviates from the actual value of the commodity, then it will not comply with the laws of the market.
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