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Introduction of ultrasonic metal welding

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 Ultrasonic welding Metal welding is a mechanical treatment process. During the welding process, no current flows through the welded part, and no welding arc is generated, such as electric welding mode. Since ultrasonic welding does not have problems such as heat conduction and electrical resistivity, For non-ferrous materials, it is undoubtedly an ideal metal welding equipment system, which can effectively weld for different thickness sheets.
 First, the advantages of ultrasonic metal welding:
 1) The welding material does not melt and is not fragile.
 2), good electrical conductivity after welding, the resistance coefficient is extremely low or nearly zero.
 3), the welding metal surface requirements are low, oxidation or plating can be welded.
 4), welding time is short, no need for any flux, gas, solder.
 5), welding without sparks, environmental protection and safety. Ultrasonic welding is a fast and economical welding technique for small and medium-sized parts. The welding cycle is very short.
Second, ultrasonic welding machine welding disadvantages:
 Ultrasonic welding machine is not too thick (usually less than or equal to 2mm), the welding point can not be too large, need to be pressurized, and must be superimposed welding.
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