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Daily maintenance and maintenance of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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 Ultrasonic plastic welding machine mainly needs to pay attention to the maintenance of the main machine, mold and control box in the daily production and use of the factory. Pay more attention to these small problems, which will help reduce the non-working loss of the machine, extend the life of the machine and reduce the production cost. The following is a brief introduction to the daily maintenance and maintenance of some parts of the machine.
One. Host
 1. The main unit should not be placed in a location that is wet, dusty or overheated.
 2. Do not place objects on the main unit. Keep the machine clean. Do not wipe or clean the machine with liquid.
 3. If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be covered with a protective dust cover in time.
 4. When not in use for a long time, the heat engine should be separated by 5-7 days.
 5. The air source should pay attention to clean the filter in time, and should be removed immediately when 1/2 water is retained.
 6. Ground wire needs to be grounded
 7. Do not open the unit at will. Unplug the power supply during maintenance and release the residual capacitance.
Two. Mold
 1. Do not knock or damage the mold. Knocking or damaging the mold may cause changes in the vibration frequency.
 2. When the mold is not in use, use a tarpaulin to seal and wipe to prevent rust or oxidation.
 3. When the mold is installed, the bottom thread surface should be buttered.
 4. The mold should be designed and inspected by professional personnel, otherwise it will affect the vibration system and the life of the control box.
 5. When loading and unloading the mold, it must be handled gently to prevent the screws of the amplifier and the mold from slipping.
Three. Control box
 1. Turn on the power, turn off the power and press the sound wave check. If there is ultrasonic, turn on the power and check the current. (Do not press the sound wave check at boot).
 2. Sonic inspection When the mold is not installed, the ammeter indication should not exceed 2 divisions.
 3. Press the check switch, and stop for 1 second in 3 seconds. Do not connect for more than 3 seconds to protect the vibrator and electronic parts.
 4. The ammeter cannot exceed 10A during operation.
 5. Be careful not to allow other objects such as metal to enter the control box, causing the machine to short-circuit.
 6. Keep the air flowing smoothly and do not put it in the closed room.
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