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Application range in ultrasonic medicine

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 Ultrasound medicine is a specialized new discipline developed in the past decade. Ultrasound medicine consists of two parts: ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound diagnosis is to use the fluctuation characteristics of weaker ultrasound to act on the internal tissue of the human body to collect lesion information. Ultrasound therapy uses the energy characteristics of strong (ie, power ultrasound) ultrasound to act on the lesions in the human body in a proper way, through some biophysical mechanism (mechanical, thermal or cavitation) Or the structure has an impact to achieve the intended medical purpose. 
 1. Ultrasound diagnosis 
 In developed countries, sonoluminescence induced by ultrasonic cavitation has been used in diagnostic research. For example, CORSKII and others have shown potential application prospects by using human plasma cavitation luminescence as a method for diagnosing early cancer. More than 7,500 cases were studied by Chernov et al. The results of acoustic cavitation in the plasma of patients with digestive tract cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis indicate that acoustic cavitation luminescence can fully aid in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases with poor immunity.
  1. Ultrasound therapy 
 Surgical ultrasound scalpel. Ultrasonic waves of several tens of kilohertz are applied to the body tissue to be operated by the variable spokes to selectively excise the tissue. It can reduce the blood loss during operation and speed up the surgery. When ultrasound surgery is applied to cataracts, it is called ultrasonic cataract removal. When the ultrasonic wave acts on the excess fat tissue through the incision, the mechanical vibration and cavitation effect of the ultrasonic wave can cause the fat cell to rupture, and the fatty acid overflows and is excreted from the body. This is what the country calls "human body sculpture", currently medical beauty at home and abroad. The world has been widely adopted.
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