more than 20 years

Focusing on Customized Ultrasonic Equipment and R&D
Integrity, responsibility, professionalism, and win-win
In the process of realizing the dream
All colleagues understand each other
Mutual support
Success - always a positive, relentless pursuit of us

Service philosophy
☆ Let all those who purchase BDS products know how to use ultrasonic welding correctly. This process of physical ultrasonic welding technology is owned by the BDS provider.
☆ The highest quality we offer to our customers is not only the products, but also the way we solve them.
☆ Whether it is ultrasonic metal welding or ultrasonic plastic welding or special applications, our expertise in these areas is a competitive advantage. For our customers. The production of all major components, we are always flexible.
☆ It involves the special requirements of fulfilling our customers.
☆ We have applied 30 years of experience in the field of metal welding and plastic welding technology.
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