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Pipeline ultrasonic food cutting machine
Description Details
 Pipelined ultrasonic cutting equipment uses high-frequency waves (high-frequency vibrations of 20,000 times per second generated by ultrasonic energy to create a surface with almost no friction between the blade and the food, thus eliminating the problems of sticking and squeezing) To process food quickly, it can cut square, triangle, prism, scallop and round, and can cut a variety of baked and frozen products. The conveyor belt is used for feeding and discharging, and the cutting unit can be processed in synchronization with the conveyor belt, and the production efficiency is high.
  • Use ultrasonic energy cutting to reduce friction and have a long service life
  • Greatly improve processing speed, no need to clean, so cutting efficiency is high
  • Sticky substances such as cream do not stick to the knife, the cut surface is smooth and beautiful
  • Cutting foods are widely available, and confectionery and cakes are suitable
  • Cutting constant temperature, high temperature and low temperature environment can work
 Creamy multi-layer cake
 Mezzanine mousse cake
 Jujube cake
 Sandwich cake
 Swiss Roll
 Ham sandwich sandwich
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