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Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic technology for extracting natural flavors

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 Business News October 13th Ultrasonic extraction technology uses the strong cavitation effect, mechanical vibration, high acceleration, emulsification, diffusion, crushing and agitation generated by ultrasonic waves to increase the molecular frequency and speed of matter and increase solvent penetration. Force, thereby accelerating the entry of the active ingredient into the solvent and facilitating the extraction.
 Ultrasonic extraction has the advantages of short extraction time, high yield and mild conditions. Ultrasonic extraction of clove oil from clove flowers showed that the yield of the process was 7.8% higher than that of steam distillation. In the ultrasonic extraction operation, attention should be paid to the selection of parameters (such as frequency, sound intensity, extraction time, soaking time, etc.), solvent selection and temperature selection. Ultrasonic extraction is mainly used in the extraction of active ingredients in the food industry and traditional Chinese medicine, and has broad application prospects.
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