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Siemens and American Semiconductor promote ultrasonic technology

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 Siemens Medical Solutions (US company) (Siemens Medical SoluTIons USA, Inc.) and National Semiconductor Corporation announced that the two companies will form a multi-faceted strategic alliance to promote the development of ultrasound technology, enabling a new generation of ultrasound The imaging system not only displays higher quality images, but also adds 3D/4D imaging for lowest power consumption. 
 The strategic alliance combines Siemens' advanced ultrasonic technology with National Semiconductor's energy-efficient simulation technology. National Semiconductor will work closely with Siemens to provide leading power management, signal paths and transducers. Based on this cooperation, Siemens will be able to produce breakthrough new generation ultrasound systems with clearer images and higher energy efficiency. The two companies hope that through this collaboration, new technical standards will be established for medical ultrasound systems in terms of operational efficiency, diagnostic reliability and ease of scanning.
 Dr. Norbert Gaus, CEO of Siemens Healthcare's Equipment Business Unit, said: “Over the years, we have been pushing the development of next-generation ultrasound imaging technology. As data transmission continues to soar and demand for product portability increases, newly developed ultrasound systems must combine energy efficiency with system performance. We regard National Semiconductor as a strategic alliance and expect them to help us in simulation technology and realize our dreams. ” 
 Mr. Mike Polacek, Senior Vice President of Major Markets and Business Development, National Semiconductor, said: “This is an ideal alliance because both companies can work together to enhance their competitive advantage. Siemens' world-class medical equipment has long been known worldwide. The company's next-generation ultrasound system will further enhance its performance after introducing National Semiconductor's high-performance technology, chipset and subsystem-level solutions. We all hope to achieve greater careers through cooperation.
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