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MADG-D20 Metal spot welding machine
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 Suitable for welding of the same or different metal parts with less energy required. The high-frequency electric energy is converted into mechanical vibration energy through the transducer to act on the workpiece, and high-frequency friction is generated between the surfaces of the two workpieces until the surfaces of the two workpieces are heated and welded together, and the cold grinding is performed under appropriate pressure. Horizontal motion A new type of high-tech equipment that combines metal surface molecules with each other to achieve the purpose of welding. It is an ideal equipment for single, multi-point, square, strip, single-layer, multi-layer, composite welding of thin and thin materials such as aluminum, nickel, copper and silver. It can be widely used in thyristor chip leads and fast fuses. Spot welds such as melt holders, electrical lead terminals, lithium ion, nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium battery poles, etc.
 Involved in hardware, battery, electronics, automotive, electrical, electrical and other industries, including: aluminum strip and aluminum cover welding, nickel strip and copper foil welding (multi-point), aluminum strip and aluminum foil welding (bar), aluminum strip and aluminum foil Welding (stripe), welding of aluminum strip and aluminum foil (multi-point), nickel strip and aluminum strip, nickel strip and copper foil, nickel strip and copper foil multi-layer, aluminum strip and aluminum foil multi-layer, aluminum shell and aluminum-nickel composite strip Welding, nickel tape and copper foil multilayer, aluminum tape and aluminum foil multilayer, copper tube sealing, automotive wiring harness, motor terminals and other welding.
Model Model RS20-R RS35-R
Input Voltage Voltage 220V 220V
Frequency Frequency 20KHz 35KHz
Output Power Output Power 2000W |3000W|4000W 900W
Welding area (mm) 20 m/m φ 100m/m φ
Head Trip Head Trip 30mm 30mm
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 470X320X1300 mm 470X320X1300 mm
Net Weight Net Weight 60 kg 60kg

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