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MEDG-D20 Ultrasonic spot welding machine
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 Ultrasonic metal welding overview
 Ultrasonic metal welding is the use of high-frequency vibration energy, the same or different metals, under the appropriate pressure through the cold grinding and horizontal movement of the surface of the material molecules into each other, to achieve the purpose of welding.
Ultrasonic metal welding advantages:
 (1) High welding strength, firm and reliable, easy to adjust the width of welding forming (W) and (H)
 (2) Welding will not damage the large area of ​​the product and will not produce excessive oxide layer.
 (3) After welding, the conductivity is good, the resistivity is extremely low or nearly zero, the welding material is not melted, and the metal characteristics are not fragile.
 (4) Low requirements on the surface of the weld metal, oxidation or plating can be welded
 (5) Short soldering time, no flux, gas, solder
 (6) Welding has no operational experience requirements, ordinary production workers can also operate, no technical difficulty, safety and environmental protection.
Advantages of this machine:
 1, using German automatic frequency tracking system, no frequency modulation. 2, optional German piezoelectric ceramic transducer. 3, independent intellectual property welding head, world famous brand, reduce the cost of use. 4, man-machine interface control, a variety of parameter storage. 5, energy detection mode to ensure the consistency of welding quality. 6, the % adjusts the amplitude, does not need to change the amplifier frequently.
Ultrasonic metal welding products:
 1, nickel-oxygen battery nickel mesh and nickel sheet inter-melting. 2. Lithium battery, polymer battery copper foil and nickel sheet are mutually melted, and aluminum foil and aluminum sheet are mutually melted. 3, the wires are mutually melted, and they are entangled into one and a plurality of mutually melted. 4, the wire and various electronic components, contacts, connectors and mutual melting. 5, a variety of household appliances, large radiators for automotive supplies. 6, electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch and other large current contacts, mutual melting of dissimilar metal pieces. 7, the end of the metal tube, cut off water, airtight.
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