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20KHz/35KHz ultrasonic welding machine
Description Details
Features and features:
 Fully automatic frequency chasing function, no air-cooled PLL automatic balancing circuit
 Faulty mechanical module automatic detection function and alarm display
 System program password protection
 Welding mode: time, energy, two welding modes, the amplitude can be adjusted by 1% increase or decrease
 Transducer drop mode / straight line accuracy: precision double slide linear slide / ± 0.02m / m
 Ultrasonic amplitude adjustment: touch adjustment 40%-100%
 Z-axis adjustable precision: ±0.01m/m
 Pressure control: 0-700Kpa / can display pressure value
 Microcomputer control mode / function clear adjustment is convenient, accuracy ± 0.001S
 Control loop system / digital time control: precision, safety, digital anti-interference
 Five levels of amplitude can be adjusted to weld different plastics without replacing the amplifier
 PLC control mode, welding time accuracy of up to 0.001 seconds.
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