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BDS's qualiy & service remain constant

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 Our company is a well-known automobile door panel research and development company. Before we used a spot welding machine from a company in Changsha, we heard that we bought a car door 4 station rotary spot welder at BDS, considering the previous one. The after-sales problem of the company, I have been asking BDS to pay attention to quality and after-sales, the results did not let us down, BDS ultrasonic spot welding machine is not only reliable quality, high safety performance, the company's after-sales is also very in place. Just let me feel at ease. We will continue to cooperate in the future.
In May 2018, our company repurchased one, BDS supplied to our company according to the delivery date. So far, there have been no quality and safety problems, and the quality service of BDS has been consistent, I hope BDS business is getting better and better. To provide customers with ultrasonic welding machines with higher cost performance and better quality.
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